a horse, a dog, and a rooster.
2005-02-01 21:20:36 ET

one hella of a day. drea picked me up and i smoked so much indigo that now i am tired and back home , but we went to OAk Land and it was great. I had to many blunts and i cant even remember those cuts. well praise jah.

2005-02-01 23:44:20 ET

its never too much.... NEVER

2005-02-02 16:26:38 ET

i smoked that whole day, i can't believe how many. oh god.

2005-02-02 23:27:50 ET

i do that all day everyday... some say i have a problem

2005-02-02 23:35:37 ET

uh mmmm maybe.

2005-02-02 23:40:43 ET

lmao... nah... its not a problem... its a problem until i run out...

2005-02-03 12:58:56 ET

true. vthat sux when that happens, like right now.

2005-02-03 12:59:38 ET

sucks man... i got some jamaican red... from canada

2005-02-03 14:12:32 ET

werd, i need to get some more of that purple haze.

2005-02-03 14:29:55 ET

yeah thats a 3 hour drive for me

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