12:12 am
2005-02-15 14:00:04 ET

well last night around 12:00 am i went for a walk down to the albertsons and meet up with matia. i was happy to get out of my house on the day from hell. we sat and talked about synths and a ton of things, then the krispy kream truck pulled up and matia asked the guy if he had any defected ones and the guy gave us two boxes of donuts. cool stuff, so we sat and ate and smoked cigarettes till we parted and walked are ways home.

2005-02-15 17:27:05 ET

SCORE. that's almost as awesome as raiding the hostess dumpsters [they have one that's just for food that's been on the shelf too long. every one knows that stuff lasts forever.]

2005-02-16 13:38:15 ET

it really does. i am happy that we got them that late at night, and it was raining and it was nice to have something to eat when your broke. Cait I think you're cute. :)

2005-02-16 17:16:40 ET

haha, thanks.

and yeah, when you've got no cash [like me most of the time...ok, i usually have like $4 on me...but i don't like to spend it] its nice to get free food. which is why i have friends who work at all of the local diners. free food all the time. :)

2005-02-17 01:02:41 ET

cool. :)

2005-02-19 14:32:40 ET

Lenny, AIM me: Thierydholbach

2005-02-24 20:16:18 ET

will do your on there with all the buddies too.

2005-02-25 11:38:05 ET

You're about a week late...

2005-02-25 17:23:50 ET

yeah well i am on this machine half of the day, you can im me at whiterabbit66666@mac.com. yeah!!! why not?

2005-02-28 18:50:16 ET

this is unrelated to your post but.. i think i have asked you this before as well... what's the name of your band and where do you go to school?

2005-02-28 20:39:00 ET

Red Youth and he is in between semesters.

2005-03-01 06:40:13 ET

oh thank you!

2005-03-04 15:29:59 ET

thanks Tyler for the update on me; or you? Anyways, yes i am in Red Youth with Tyler. and yes i am waiting to go back to school.

2005-03-05 08:46:50 ET

It was for you. Sometimes either of us never log on for weeks, so I decided to take the liberty as a curteousy for bettieworshipper.

2005-03-06 10:14:12 ET

oh, thank you. :)

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