2005-04-30 08:49:44 ET

everything in flux. i werk. i sleep. i see my girlfriend. i see friends. i play in a band. i try to make time for everything and everyone. but i can't always fit everything or everyone into it at once. life is well comparitively. i just need to be playing more bass and more alternative music than playing sythns. i want to start a band that is a mix of the pixies and joy division.

2005-04-30 11:48:10 ET

you're so cute

2005-05-02 11:36:06 ET

Can do! It'll be OK and I will support you, and lend you my help if you want.

2005-05-06 00:57:49 ET

god...if you only did play a bit more synths ... and got rid of that god awful video on your myspace you'd feel better :)

2005-05-23 10:49:50 ET

maybe, but queens of the stone age rock!

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