show on the 3rd..
2005-08-17 21:10:28 ET

red youth has a show coming up on the 3rd of sept. i don't know where yet but details will come soon. it will be a different show then all the old ones we have done. it will only happen once in this lifetime, maybe? anyways look out for us. i am doing ok, i guess? i am going to school on the 22nd this month and am trying to live and not be a hermit. i want to just be happier and not so down on myself. just being here isn't good sometimes. i want to just go somewhere else where i can free my mind and be human again...


2005-12-20 18:44:01 ET

This is an old post, why did it come to the front of the que?

2005-12-22 03:06:16 ET

i haven'y anything new to say. i float on in a continous spiral in the universe and new things happen all the time, but i haven't time ever to think and write it down. .............. i think i should get a small pad of paper and keep it on me at all times. so that if i have and idea or something i think needs to be written i will do as such.

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