I hate ants
2003-11-11 16:16:13 ET

I have sat down to join a world of journaling. The Dr. pepper I opened ten minutes ago sat faitfully beside me as I worked on opening my page. just seconds ago I lifted my happy soda to my mouth and almost took in a mouthful of ants..... Now I have to go in the kitchen for a bottle of raid and another can of Dr. Pepper.
So in sharing my unfortunate experiece. I say hello to all who can now hear my thoughts.

2003-11-11 16:17:20 ET


But Welcome =)

2003-11-11 16:17:46 ET

i hate ants...they make me paranoid...
welcome...and stuff

2003-11-11 16:18:13 ET

Welcome and sorry about the Ant Brigade.

2003-11-11 16:18:57 ET

haha aww that sucks!

welcome to sk! :)


2003-11-11 16:19:05 ET


2003-11-11 16:19:14 ET

We have ants in our house too, we kill them in one spot and they pop up in another.

Glad you're here. : )

2003-11-11 16:20:21 ET

HI!!! welcome to SK!

2003-11-11 16:22:01 ET

yuck and welcome!!!!

2003-11-11 16:23:16 ET

I have aquired another Dr. pepper so all is right in the world.

2003-11-11 16:28:55 ET

welcome to subkultures!

live long and post often!

2003-11-11 16:32:47 ET

Oye ants, I think I have a phobia to them.
Welcome to SK!

2003-11-11 16:36:02 ET

I've gone to the store twice this week and both times they were out of Dr. P : (

so I'm drinking RC and am jealous of your Dr. P

2003-11-11 16:39:05 ET

I quit caffeine....so I'm on ginger ale binge

2003-11-11 16:40:32 ET

The blame of my Dr. P. addiction belongs to alice. I never really liked ginger ale... Mybe it was the lack of caffine.

2003-11-11 16:45:31 ET

Nooooo! You slaughtered the SK welcoming commitee! We shrink em down to fit through your modem.....oh well, there's more where that came from.

2003-11-11 16:47:17 ET

Nice Loki.
Welcome to SK.

2003-11-11 16:47:30 ET

Was wondering what happened to Rudee

2003-11-11 16:47:45 ET

Yeeehaww ! Welcome from Tejas !! Yeeehaw!!

2003-11-11 16:51:58 ET

yumminess! ants -AND- Dr Pepper. :)

(welcome to SK)

2003-11-11 16:52:22 ET

Ok.. I promise to look more closely at the ants before I dump them down the sink next time.

2003-11-11 16:54:20 ET

We have Godzilla sized ants down here in Tejas !! Yeeehaww ! ..

2003-11-11 16:54:54 ET

*note to self: avoid texas and its gargantuan ants

2003-11-11 16:55:59 ET

Wishes he were actually from Texas**.. Going through massive identity crisis...*

2003-11-11 16:56:32 ET


2003-11-11 16:57:38 ET

I am from a much much worse place than Texas...
Oh, so you expect me to tell you?.. So you can laugh at me like my parents do? .. j/k

from Utah actually..

2003-11-11 16:58:27 ET

Off the topic A LOT.. Hey, welcome here, and have fun Sk'ing =)

2003-11-11 16:58:34 ET

I think ants would scare me at that size. in the tiny but numorus state here, I still have the upper hand.

2003-11-11 16:59:19 ET

Thankyou. and there are worse places than utah

2003-11-11 17:00:11 ET

I know.. Try missouri, or Kansas... I hate them.. and I only drove through them!

2003-11-11 17:01:41 ET

nebraska too

2003-11-11 17:02:54 ET

There is this little place called lake tahoe... it looks pretty as you pass through, but cockroaches think that of roach motels.

2003-11-11 17:03:59 ET

I hate bugs.

WElcome to SK. You look beautiful in that pic.

2003-11-11 17:06:43 ET

I am sure that humankind's great enemy is the bug.


2003-11-11 17:08:33 ET

I am scared of bugs..

2003-11-11 17:08:40 ET

bugs are awful, but I love tahoe.

2003-11-11 17:09:12 ET

Roots try living there for twenty years.

It's hell

2003-11-11 17:09:32 ET

I don't mind any insects except for huge nasty spiders and centipedes (the huge ones with the long tendrily bits).

2003-11-11 17:12:48 ET

Centipedes are evil. Tahoe is hell.

2003-11-11 17:12:54 ET

yeah prolly the only reason I love it is because it's a treat to go there.

2003-11-11 17:14:59 ET

Tahoe can be good in small doses. like candy too much can kill you.

2003-11-11 21:32:08 ET

i believe those ants are good for ya

welcome to SK:)

2003-11-11 21:56:54 ET


2003-11-12 03:39:56 ET

welcome 2 sk

2003-11-12 07:21:37 ET

welcome to SK!! :) :)

2003-11-12 07:47:26 ET

Hi! Welcome to SK! Johnny Green, ex Clash roadie once said that Dr Pepper tasted like stale toothpaste. I don't agree.

2003-11-12 10:56:43 ET

Whoa.. crazy ant/soda experience... but welcome to SK. You seem pretty damn cool, so enjoy your stay ;-)

2003-11-12 13:24:55 ET

hello! Have fun! Kill some more ants!



2003-11-12 17:39:08 ET

What a welcome! hehe.


2003-11-13 13:17:01 ET

Welcome to SK.

If you need any help, go here.

2003-11-13 14:02:54 ET

i think we were all waiting for that one ;) hehe yay

2003-11-13 14:27:12 ET

yeah, its not official until rudeboy shows up late to the party. :)

2003-11-13 14:47:05 ET

lol! oh how true ;)

2003-11-13 14:58:36 ET

Hello, welcome!

2003-11-13 16:04:37 ET


2003-11-16 21:36:46 ET

ack that's horrible bout the antz. :(

welcome to sk sweetie.

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