Going Goth
2003-11-12 19:50:29 ET

I use to lead a small group. It was nothing formal. About seven girls ages 11 to 14 would hang out at my house. My house was safe place for them to be, and I was someone to bounce ideas and frustrations off of. The group desolved now that I live ten hours away. I just recieved an email from one.
I was in tahoe last week and got to hang out with two of them for a bit. They told me about their holloweem adventures. The older of the two, Gabi, informed me during this visit that She, in all her Gap Model glory, has decided to go Goth. She spent the next hour asking fashion advice.
The email I recieved from her was a reminder to send her the tights I promised. It seems that her decision is longer lived than I expected. I miss her and the others more than I realized. *sigh* Gotta go buy tights.

2003-11-12 20:02:38 ET

gap model gone goth? I have to see this....

2003-11-12 20:06:05 ET

tahoe? that's where my soon-to-be bassist used to live and is moving back to. WEEEEEIIIRD.

not really, though.

2003-11-12 20:06:15 ET

lol... Nice to meet you:)

2003-11-12 20:17:22 ET

What part of tahoe?

2003-11-12 20:22:25 ET

i have no idea. i never visited him. he's just promised to be in my band, which i plan to make the most hated band on the planet, simply because the music should drive you insane.

2003-11-12 20:24:30 ET

What kind of music?

2003-11-12 20:26:20 ET

um...basically, i'm taking members of credible bands and putting together what will basically be noise. no rhythm if possible. no words in the vocals. however, i have promised a bass solo to the bassist.

the plan is never to practice, set up shows based on name recognition of a few members, improvise the entire time. random noises and notes and instrumentations. it's been done before, but people will come expecting something credible and be served this. grand.

2003-11-12 20:30:13 ET

i like it. If you record anything send it my way

2003-11-12 20:30:46 ET

i plan to record all performances, as they will only happen every few months. i figure four, five bucks a pop, no biggie.

2003-11-12 20:34:05 ET

that is so cute. Once one does it they all are going to want to. Before you know it parents will be hunting you down.

2003-11-12 20:34:41 ET

where are you?

2003-11-12 20:35:53 ET

i'm in folsom. it's no fun here. my "band" consists of a guy from rocklin on keyboards, that bassist guy, myself on vocals and body drums, and i'm hoping to recruit a guitarist from sacramento. i talk to him once in a while and i'm sure he won't mind since it doesn't really require any effort on his part. i haven't found a drummer yet, though.

2003-11-12 20:39:44 ET

i can't play the guitar well can i join? you can advertse me as up comming talent and annopy all the more.

2003-11-12 20:43:52 ET

if you can play an instrument of any kind and get up to sacramento every few months, i don't see why not.

2003-11-12 20:44:48 ET

i am so there.

2003-11-12 20:46:37 ET

awesome. it makes us seem not so masculine then, thus making us seem even more open musically.
i don't see why that happens when a band has a female in it, but it does. it's stupid.

2003-11-12 20:49:32 ET

i've never been in a band before, that makes me cool now. stupid how that works.

2003-11-12 21:37:54 ET

gap model going goth.. this should be interesting. I wonder if the whole herd of them are just going to start wearing black gap clothes with dog collars and velvet waiscoats.

2003-11-12 21:40:21 ET

That would be amusing.

2003-11-12 21:44:33 ET

There were a few gothlings at my school like that; black lipstick + nailpolish, blaring Marilyn Manson (*shudder*) in fishnets and platform boots.. along with their little GAP dresses, Club Monaco tops and Old Navy hoodies.

2003-11-13 11:42:30 ET

Are you in NV or CA Xaikayla? Forgive me if you have answered that already.

2003-11-13 18:55:39 ET

I am in California. I lived on the california side side of tahoe (or hell) And I live in San Diego now

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