Ode to a can of spray paint
2003-11-13 20:13:18 ET

Just when I think my day cannot get any worse. I find myself painting the clean up area at work. My choice. Flat black and mettalic copper. There are days when a can of spray paint can cure a world of evils.

2003-11-13 20:15:22 ET

Krylon Cures All

2003-11-13 20:15:39 ET

I wish I could paint the space we're living in now.
it's white on white on white.. so fucking sterile.

2003-11-13 20:17:06 ET

Yep.. my apartment is the same white. I haven't decorated yet.. That makes it worse.

2003-11-13 20:18:33 ET

That's better than my house.
It is White on White on WOOD Yuck
Wood every where, nasty tree product.
I can't even really paint it.

2003-11-13 20:21:02 ET

The nasty tree product in my house was painted a yucky brown. I try not to look at it

2003-11-13 20:21:57 ET

i hope the next place we move into will be paint-friendly.

2003-11-13 20:23:47 ET

Unfortunatly Most landlords are stuffy when it comes to changing thier prescious property. *kicks the wall*

2003-11-13 20:25:27 ET

Ya, I've got a lot of work to remove all this WOOD. Everything is wood: floors, trim, doors, ....WALLS WTF?

2003-11-13 20:28:32 ET

Wood floors are good... *executes a perfect pieroet*

2003-11-13 20:30:16 ET

I love wooden floors.
*applauds the pirouette*

2003-11-13 20:33:14 ET

I always got yelled at for dancing in my parents kitchen. But that was the only good floor.

2003-11-13 20:34:01 ET

you too,hmm?

2003-11-13 20:35:42 ET

ok.. Andy... verdict is in, wood floors good. wood walls bad.

2003-11-13 20:38:58 ET

Wood bad

2003-11-13 20:41:48 ET

Are you going to make me dance some more?

2003-11-14 05:10:41 ET

it's so true.

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