2003-11-15 19:35:16 ET

So what do you do when every cd you put on, you turn off three seconds later out of irritation? My room needs cleaning, my attempt made the mess worse. I have to write an essay but for the moment I can't seem to care enough about realism to write an argument against it. I can't just go to sleep because I have to go to work again at midnight.

Oh and be careful about carring things like tubes of super glue in your back pocket. If the lid lossens you will you will glue the pocket shut (not to mention your pants to your underware).

2003-11-15 19:36:50 ET

So what do you do when every cd you put on, you turn off three seconds later out of irritation?

you get yourself some new cds


2003-11-15 19:38:19 ET

i go with what doom says, but say, 'buy the collection that InsertNameHere has." i never get bored with cds. just upset when my cd player goes on the fritz. i've used that phrase twice now today. i should stop.

i hate writing papers simply because you have to be in the right mood and i'm never in said mood.

2003-11-15 19:40:00 ET

I'm not bored with my music. Just, I guess aggitated and music, though usually helpful, is causing more grief

2003-11-15 20:07:46 ET

Maybe it's the type of music you're listening to.. maybe ye need something a little calming? :\

2003-11-15 20:11:53 ET

or more hardcore!

2003-11-15 20:13:34 ET

Both are still irritating. I think what I need is food.

2003-11-15 20:15:02 ET

work at midnight? that sucks...

2003-11-15 20:16:41 ET

Food is always good.

2003-11-15 20:17:34 ET

Yep. midnight to happy five AM.. Blegh. this morning I had to set up an event. Tonight I get to tear it down

2003-11-15 20:18:15 ET

sounds like ever so much fun.

2003-11-15 20:20:39 ET

hahaha superglue is fun.

2003-11-15 20:21:41 ET

yep. and now I will never get that tube out of my pocket.

2003-11-15 20:23:33 ET

if anyone ever slaps your ass and asks what the lump is, you can just say that it's your parasitic twin.

2003-11-15 20:23:33 ET

I'm sorry

2003-11-15 20:25:28 ET

or I could mumble something about hemmroids. or the last person who touched my ass's hand, or.. .. well the possibilities are pretty endless

2003-11-15 20:26:12 ET

that could be oodles of fun!

2003-11-15 20:27:27 ET

*Quotes Roots* "hahaha superglue is fun"

2003-11-15 20:34:07 ET

just keep us updated on the reactions of those you antagonise with the hemhorroid comment.

2003-11-15 20:45:18 ET

hahah yes, please do.

2003-11-15 20:49:14 ET

I could do no less.

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