2003-11-17 20:44:15 ET

Little bits of me kept falling off. I think itís from the cold. How can I write an essay if I canít keep my fingers from falling off every time I try to type? I try and sit still but even the shivering causes more of me to disintegrate. If I move slowly maybe I can make it to the kitchen.
Something warm may just save me.
Movements are slow, if I could just stop shivering! I wind my way through my messy bedroom and into the hallway. Almost there and I havenít lost anything. Oops, there went my big toe.
No overconfidence, stay focused.
Through the living room. Itís clean now so no obstacles there. Around another cornerÖ I made it. Still moving slowly I fill the coffee pot.
My last hope of survival. Minutes tick by as I wait for the yummy liquid to pour into the little class pot. Enough of my hand is still attached that I can pour myself a cup. Add a bit of sugar. Ahhhhhh. The warmness runs through me. Suddenly all of me is back together. Yeah!!!
Coffee has saved the day. Now back to that stupid essay.

2003-11-17 20:52:32 ET

Thank you ; )

2003-11-17 21:03:55 ET

LOL... Coffee!

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