the confusion sets in
2003-11-19 16:12:53 ET

Today at school this guy was standing on the steps of the main student hall. He was holding a large sign and yelling to the crowds of people walking by. No, he was not religious in nature. He called himself "The Market Maniac". His rant was of how well he understood the stock market and how he could help you become "filthy rich".


2003-11-19 16:22:42 ET

Did you beat him to death with his own sign?

2003-11-19 16:58:59 ET

Did anyone actually believe this man? It'd be funny if he were some weird schizo..hehe.

2003-11-19 20:04:16 ET

I stopped and stared. He looked right through me as he continued to yell. sounds a little mentally unbalanced to me

2003-11-19 20:08:05 ET

All the more reason for him to be removed from the gene pool in a violent manner. :)

2003-11-19 20:10:27 ET

I agree. However his sign was material.. no good hitting him with it.

2003-11-19 20:11:21 ET

Didn't he have a wooden or metal handle?

2003-11-19 20:18:26 ET

There was something holding the top. I guess that would have worked. I was just too confused to spring into violence.

2003-11-19 20:43:08 ET

You need to hone your killer instinct. People holding signs are just asking to be brutally beaten.

2003-11-19 20:46:25 ET

I wonder if I mock, will he go away. I mean how can you keep screaming if some girl is standing in front of you pointing and laughing rediculously loud?

2003-11-19 20:47:45 ET

It's possible. In downtown Tucson, groups of people gather to laugh at the street preachers, but still, they keep screaming and spitting all over the place.

2003-11-19 20:49:57 ET

I can't laugh at street preachers. I feel bad for them.

2003-11-19 20:55:37 ET

I don't bother with 'em, unless they're in my way. I have no patience for anybody that won't shut up long enough for a decent conversation.

2003-11-19 20:57:16 ET

there are many in this world who cannot shut up long enough for a desent conversation, christian or not.

2003-11-19 20:59:00 ET

That's why some intrepid people invented duct tape and double-locking handcuffs. Oh yes, and my personal favorite, the stun gun.

2003-11-19 21:12:22 ET

there is hope!

2003-11-20 17:10:31 ET

Yeah, downtown Tucson is awesome though!

2003-11-20 17:11:35 ET

Too many gutter punks for my liking. I get sick of being hit on by girls that look like something the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles would do battle with in the sewers.

2003-11-20 17:23:05 ET

well I'll just turn off my hearing aids, and shaking my head in disgust, and carry on.
Well ya know freedom of speech....what he did...long as there is no harm done to anybody....nothing offensive in the speech, just preachin that he got market wise.

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