Is this the definition of futility
2003-11-24 18:12:55 ET

Registration fees were due the 21st of this month. I am paying for school through financial aid, which doesnít get disbursed until a week before the next semester starts... in January. If I donít pay this month, I donít get to register for classes. So in order for me to be able to register on the 15th on December I had to pay $33 as a promise that they would get my registration money in January. It is the schoolís policy to not give out money before the first week of school. I understand this. But WHY THE HELL would they ask for registration money two months before they give me the loan money thatís suppose to pay for it? So I can pay another $33 that goes to nothing but the silly piece of paper that says I can register?

2003-11-24 18:14:32 ET

i tend to avoid those questions as i know they won't have a good answer.

2003-11-24 18:17:13 ET

because they can, and that's all the reason they need.

2003-11-24 18:21:49 ET

I can do alot of things that are not nice yet I don't... most of the time

2003-11-24 18:32:41 ET

but you are not a beaurotratico institutiono!

2003-11-24 20:06:27 ET

colleges are all messed up like that. they've done that for a while--they should learn by now...

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