Pondering over pies
2003-11-26 18:46:48 ET

My mixing bowls, my grandma used during the great depression. The rolling pin I have; I am the fourth generation to use.
I think of all of the arguing and fighting against what a very old fashioned family has tried to make me.
I am responcible for the family cooking hierlooms.
I am what they wanted me to be. Well almost. They lost on the dressing in pink battle.

2003-11-26 19:00:08 ET

the dressing pink thing is over the top bad.

I have a few heirlooms too.

2003-11-26 19:07:37 ET

I will never show these pictures, but I have several years of school pictures: pretty in pink.

2003-11-26 19:34:29 ET

ha ha I've seen those photos ; )

I'm going to be cooking cream onions tomorrow ; )

2003-11-26 19:45:08 ET

Yummy... I have never had creamed onions...
I made pies: Apple and pumpkin. And Lefse

2003-11-26 19:46:39 ET

They're really good and easy to make. You want the recipe?

I want Pumpkin Pie

2003-11-26 19:48:47 ET

Pumpkin pie is not easy to send. But I will promise one for christmas. Good enough?

2003-11-26 20:03:31 ET

hell, - I - want that recipe. :)

The only family heirlooms I have are the ones that the rest of my family have no use for:

2003-11-26 21:27:08 ET

Books are cool. My family is farm folk. no use for them words. there's a cow to milk.

2003-11-26 21:29:23 ET

I would love stuff like that!
I have some silverware from my dad's family that's a couple of hundred years old, but one of my treasures is a tattered, leather-bound copy of Milton's "Paradise Lost" from the early 1800's.

2003-11-26 21:33:46 ET

Yes that is a treasure. I do love my baking stuff. I also have this really cool diamond and saphire ring.

2003-11-27 10:07:22 ET

Cream Onions

this is a copy of the recipe that my mom sent me.

The cream onions are very easy to make. Here is the recipe: 4-5 medium to large yellow onions--- milk----flour-----butter------salt
and pepper
First peel and cut the onions in small wedges. Put the onions in a pot with water and cook until they are tender. Make the cream sauce (béchamel sauce): In a pan, melt 2/3 stick of butter and add about 1/3 cup flour. Stir this paste while adding about a cup of cold milk to it. Keep stirring while it cooks and thickens. Add the drained onions and cook a little longer until it is all uniformly hot. If it appears too watery, add a little more flour dissolved in a little milk.
If it appears too thick, add more milk. Add salt and pepper to taste and serve. You can prepare this a day before and just heat before dinner. You can practice using a smaller quantity so that you get the touch for the sauce a few days before.

And with that I think I'll go get started making them for turkey night dinner.

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