Why I love my family only when they are far away.
2003-11-29 20:27:52 ET

I've been lactose intolerant most of my life. My mother had to feed me soy formula, in the late seventies when that wasn't the IN thing to feed your baby. The following conversation took place last night...
Me: You ordered Pizza?
Mom: Yes, You like pepperonni?
Me: I don't eat pizza.
Mom: Well that's all there is.
Me: Mom I am lactose intolerant
Mom: oh, then peel the cheese of the pizza and later you can have some cheese cake.
Me: *blink, blink*

2003-11-29 20:29:09 ET

Is she on medication? :-D

2003-11-29 20:30:13 ET

sadly no.

2003-11-29 20:31:16 ET

:( that's worse than being nagged about how "___ will make you sick--you just forget..."

2003-11-29 20:34:05 ET

ah, parents are fun.

on a side note, our band just needs a guitarist now. i asked a guitarist to join, but he expressed interest in playing the drums, which was his first instrument.

2003-11-29 20:35:32 ET

What type of music?

2003-11-29 20:35:40 ET

oh man...that shit is wrong!!! lmao...she has some real problems!

2003-11-29 20:36:19 ET

on that side note.. I can play guitar, not extreemly well.

2003-11-29 20:37:56 ET

kilted, it's gonna be crazy. experimental, improvised noise, basically.

2003-11-29 20:38:25 ET

and kayla, you know you can play whatever your heart desires. that's your role, remember?

2003-11-29 21:06:58 ET

*Dances for joy*
Just tell me when you are playing

2003-11-29 21:12:45 ET

i'll have to find that other member first, then sort things out with everyone, then actually find a venue who will take the risk. i assume that if we bill it as "featuring members of...," we'll get an audience who will turn on us. should be fun.

which reminds me, i'm hoping the other member will be in a notable band so it can be more than "featuring members of quitter, the blue note, and pure sex."

2003-11-29 21:14:45 ET

I Will be sure to waer vegitable proof makeup.

2003-11-29 21:20:04 ET

that won't help when they start throwing beer bottles, though.

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