I don't understand.
2003-12-07 19:12:01 ET

He said "you do tend over react but that's normal, don't worry."
I asked him what he ment by that and how he could put the words "over react" and "normal" in the same sentence.
He laughed. He didn't answer my question, he just laughed.

2003-12-07 19:16:52 ET

natural male defense mechanism, to avoid having to answer questions.

2003-12-07 19:19:26 ET

over reaction to things is common.

it needs no explanation

2003-12-07 19:19:31 ET

It makes it worse. Don't say crap you are not prepared to explain.

2003-12-07 19:21:35 ET

Y2k for example

the common response was to run out and buy all sorts of shit for when the 'bug hit'

and of course it never did.

2003-12-07 21:43:20 ET

sounds like the "mr." was trying to avoid an argument...which at times...well at least for me will dig him in deeper...a lot of people dig their own graves most of the time!!! hello...:)

2003-12-08 16:12:36 ET

Doom: You are only too right about over reacting being common. My annoyance was his passing off something I felt as a mere over reaction, attempting to then back peddle by telling me it was ok that I do so. He further pissed me off by laughing.

Starry: That is exacatly what he has done. And Hello to you.

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