James and Jerold
2003-12-11 17:59:31 ET

I have two turtles. whom I love alot. I got them about two months ago when my boss got pregnant and her Dr. said she couldn't clean their tank cause of the salminilla.
About a year ago the poor things were attacked by a coyote. They had lost their limbs and tails in the attack but being reptiles they are regenerating. I just have to say that watching their limbs grow back is sooo cool.

2003-12-11 18:05:35 ET

envy pours through my veins right now.

2003-12-11 18:11:10 ET

ohh I wanna see!

2003-12-11 18:14:30 ET

I don't have any way of getting their pictures up right now, but I will try to get some soon.

2003-12-11 18:15:36 ET

ooh, 90% match! :D lol

2003-12-12 13:35:37 ET

that is neat

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