2003-12-13 20:44:52 ET

This morning, Coffee in one hand and teetering five year old on roller blades for the first time in the other, I took a stroll around the block. We then watched about four hours of catoons. I made lunch. We played in the park for two hours. Dinner came shortly after that, chicken nuggets and green beans. We had a contest who could eat the beans the fastest. I chased her around the house and then we picked out the veggie tales christmas Cd and climbed into my car. For an hour we drove around and looked at all the lights on the houses. We came home and danced in my living room to aboved mentioned christmas music. then, Hot chocolate in hand, we watched "Labrynth" ("It's my favorite, and it was your favorie when you were little too huh?") She fell asleep on me snoring quiet happily before the final battle and I carried her to bed. I love being Aunt Kiki.

2003-12-13 20:46:27 ET

Lucky both of you. :)

2003-12-13 20:49:02 ET

and that, my friends, is the greatest story ever told.

2003-12-13 21:01:19 ET

Sounds like you had a FULL day. I have a 16 month old which keeps me very busy most of the time. I really enjoy kids. I have a bunch of neices and nephews, but I dont really see them very much.

2003-12-13 21:05:34 ET

She is the daughter of one of my closest friends. I was dubbed aunt Kiki when she learned to talk. Her mom and I happen to be housemates now. So I see her alot.

2003-12-13 21:11:31 ET

That's kewl. I think its great that she calls u Aunt Kiki. I shouldnt matter if you are related or not. To her, you will always be Aunt Kiki. And I think that is kewl. Prolly makes you feel like one of the family. I have a few close personal friends that I treat like my family, and my son will know them as their uncles and aunts.

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