Can today be over yet?
2003-12-16 19:47:35 ET

Work gave me the ok to dye my hair purple again. So I bleached out the black and dyed it purple. My hair is green. Not just one shade of green. It is teal, blue-green, seaweed green, and yellow green.

I was on the phone for an hour with this one I care about more than I expected to. All weekend we pondered the direction of our future in regards to each other. We decided to end things.

My only friend at school has informed me that he doesn't want to be just friends. I, however, don't want anything beyond friendship. I tried to tell him this as nicely as I could. I think I have lost my only friend.

On days like this I realize I say the word "Dang" alot.

2003-12-16 20:09:03 ET

"Dang"? You're handling your day better than I would be.

I'm sorry to hear about your relationship with the one you care a lot about... and I hope you and your friend at school can work things out.

I hope it gets better for you.

2003-12-16 20:24:20 ET

But 'dang' is such a good word. I use it a lot too.

Sorry to see that you're day has been so crappy... as Mark said, hopefully you two can stay as friends.

And hey, if it makes you feel any better I tried to dye my hair red a few weeks ago and it turned out Orange. And not a nice orange... I work at Home Depot and it clashed with my apron.

2003-12-16 20:32:13 ET

I've gotten orange resault from red dye before too. The clashing colors would make me laugh though

2003-12-16 21:09:36 ET

oh, it was pretty bad... gave a lot of people a good laugh (including me.)

The best part though is when people would pretend that they liked it.

Oh, and just to make it clash that much more, I wore a red shirt to work that day.

2003-12-16 21:10:38 ET


good thing i decided to read your entry. i've been busy the last few days avoiding everything, so i haven't been reading most entries.

2003-12-16 23:44:36 ET

a word that would run thru my head i think is awkward and fuck! not in any particular order though...sorry to hear about your friend that you lost :( it sux when emotions get in the way of something to keep blossoming huh? i would've been spazing out all over my journal page if i we're rock *hugs you* <3 <3 <3

2003-12-17 10:06:03 ET

hope everything works out, and im sure it will.

2003-12-17 16:55:57 ET

i was that guy who did the "i wish we were more than friends" thing, but i've always been able to continue to have normal friendships after that. so i don't see what this guy's deal is.

2003-12-17 18:58:24 ET

I think my friend is better now. He called me today to apologize for being weird. We talked a moment about essays that are due tomarrow, and we are going to disneyland together on friday..

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