Am I accually smiling?
2003-12-25 15:27:04 ET

I thought of venturing out into the frozen world rapidly being lost under the white flakes. The inevitable shoveling off of my car keeps me inside playing my new guitar. :)
I have been in Tahoe for four days now.
I made lefsa with my grandmother, My sister got engaged, And I got to spend time with my three closest friends. I miss those three. The hours that have been spent in laughter were what I needed. We are each in different places and the holiday has brought us back together. I got to spend a whole day with Andy, which was spent in part, wandering around salvage yard and fabric store gathering our materials of choice.
I usually dread Christmas. In years past I have seen it as nothing but unneeded stress. This year has been good.

2003-12-25 15:30:42 ET

yay for a happy christmas. oh...and merry christmas.

2003-12-25 15:31:15 ET



yes, I think we should. See you in four hours ; )

2003-12-25 15:35:37 ET

Analog :Merry christmas to you. Hope your is happy as well.

Andy: Once again I love your threats!

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