the yucky feeling in the pit of my stomach
2003-12-29 17:16:03 ET

I am going to see Return of the King tonight. The friend I am seeing it with is the one who has confessed feelings for me.
During my week in Tahoe he called three times. He called last night to make sure I had gotten home ok. He invited me to his friendís (a person I do not know) birthday party. He has just bought a couple of Cds that are not bands he previously listened to before he learned that I liked them. All of this makes me worried that he is not being just a friend.
I want to be as honest and nice as I can be in this situation. I donít want to do anything that might lead him in a direction that I have no intention of going. So he calls to see if I will go to the movie with him. Because of the above events I asked to make sure our venture is in friendshipís name only. He tells me that I have made it perfectly clear where I stand when we first talked about it that ugly night in my living room.
I feel like I have just rubbed it in his face that I rejected him

2003-12-29 19:44:50 ET

don't worry about it. obviously the feelings he has can't fade immediately, but i'd like to think he's making an effort to let them gently slide away. i've had those words said to me and carried on completely normal friendships. the only real difference is that we don't talk about relationships without having awkward silences.

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