2004-01-08 17:46:11 ET

My friend Brian called me in need to vent. The girl he has been seeing informed him today that she has a boyfriend. Apparently this girl and her signifigant other are close to being over but she feels that she needs to stop seeing Brian until she and the boyfriend are offically over. Brian is upset.
Selfish people make me angry. I have watched more than one friend get strung along by some stupid person who isn't mature enough to be honest about commitments. I want to walk up to these people and smack them silly. How inconciderate to repay someone's genuine affection with lies. What pisses me off most is she used the word UNTIL. Make up your mind! Don't leave someone standing there Until you can get around to them. People do not exsist to fill your emotional needs. GRRRRRRR

However, In other news...

Any time now someone I have never met, yet heard so much about, will show up at my doorstep. She is my friend Jeff's girlfriend. The family he is living with now are not keen on the girlfriend staying the weekend so she is staying with me. He has been in and out of my house for the past two days in preparation for her arrival. I Just arranged a dozen roses for him and he used my art supplies to make her a card to go with the bouquet. Watching his excitement makes me think that maybe dating is not so pointless after all.

2004-01-08 17:58:58 ET

Sometimes dating can pay off. Even through all the shit there is always at least one memory that can make you smile...Unless they use the word UNTIL!!!

2004-01-08 18:03:21 ET

I hate dating. Even without the word until. I hate when something starts only to end.

2004-01-08 20:18:59 ET

So can be said about life though. It starts only to end. It's the time inbetween that makes it all worthwhile.

2004-01-08 20:19:35 ET

Though I can totally understand for I hate dating as well. I just the the affection of it all. Heh.

2004-01-08 21:17:10 ET

you've never met me, and heard....something about me. can i show up at your doorstep too?

2004-01-09 19:39:46 ET

Sure Loki.

2004-01-09 20:21:09 ET

Excuse me for prying but I'm a bit intrigued by the drama that surrounds you. I am curious as to whether or not the young woman who has stopped seeing this Brian because of an upcoming break up maybe has a domestic situation on her hands. If she has been made to feel miserable by a relationship and her weak personality is preventing her an immediate end due to guilt bestowed upon her by the mate, she's simply not all grown up yet. Just a thought from someone who's been there before. :)

2004-01-09 20:26:48 ET

All I know about her is that he met her at a party, she is seven years older then him and has an eight year old child. The boyfriend was gone for the last two weeks, in which she spent the time with Brian. Miserable relationship or not, she could have been honest from the begining.

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