2004-01-09 19:55:57 ET

Home alone. For now. Guests arrive back roughly 2am. I pick the roommate and daughter up from the airport tomorrow. School starts again on Monday. So what do I do in the calm before the storm? I bake cookies.

2004-01-09 19:58:08 ET

*cough* And send the cookies to some onliners

2004-01-09 20:14:33 ET

I second that.

Enjoy the time you have alone though, take a bubble bath or listen to really loud music or something. Personally, time alone is very rare so I cherish it.

2004-01-10 00:46:48 ET


2004-01-10 23:17:53 ET

I concur, i want xaikayla cookies

2004-01-11 19:48:23 ET

Well cookies have been baked, consumed by guests, and now more have to be baked. there is not any way I know of to send cookies on line though, sorry

2004-01-11 19:50:00 ET

kilted and i are within driving distance :D

2004-01-11 19:50:32 ET

Anywhere in the Main US is within driving distance for me....

2004-01-11 19:51:33 ET

well basically we are all in the same state :P

2004-01-11 19:52:49 ET

Ok. than you must drive to see me and I will have plenty of cookies

2004-01-11 19:54:11 ET

You're only a few hours from me.....next time you're in LA...come over

2004-01-11 19:54:29 ET

kilted, i smell road trip

2004-01-11 19:55:46 ET

I will have to go to LA in two weeks to help my sister pick out a wedding dress. Maybe I will have to stop and visit on my trek back to SD

2004-01-11 19:56:32 ET


I get cookies

2004-01-11 19:58:06 ET

damn you socal bastards

2004-01-11 19:58:39 ET

WHere are you loki?

2004-01-11 19:58:44 ET


I'm the one in the kilt.....I only talk to the ladies.....

2004-01-11 20:00:36 ET

southern california dweeb.

i'm in berkeley

2004-01-11 20:01:20 ET

Loki : I use to live in Tahoe. So well I use to live closer to you...

2004-01-11 20:01:46 ET


2004-01-11 20:07:51 ET

If I am in a generous enough mood and I am asked sweetly enough, I may be persuaded to send cookies via the US Postal system. That's how my friend in AZ is getting some.

2004-01-11 20:11:34 ET

would the glorious, beautiful Xaikayla be kind enough to grace the humble lokichilde with her baked goods?

2004-01-11 20:12:22 ET

Is that slang for melons?

2004-01-11 20:13:29 ET

shhhhhhhh...... :D

2004-01-11 20:16:34 ET

Ok. PM the address and we shall see what I can do. (I send cookies.. no fruit of any kind)

2004-01-11 20:17:22 ET


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