tripping as I enter my morning dance class
2004-01-12 17:59:47 ET

The walls began melting. Not like the witch in a highly annoying movie, more like potatoes succumbing to the mashing fork. All around her the building was turning to clumps of goo. People were screaming and running in terror. Some of the screams were muffled as the goo closed in around them. She sat watching the horror unfold. Instead of fleeing in panic, she leaned over and poked at a growing puddle of wall goo at her feet. It was swirled with the colors from the posters and advertisements that had decorated the wall in itís past, more stable life. With a tiny giggle she stood up and tromped around in the sticky substance. It was more fun than muddy puddles in the rain.

Anything would be more fun than waiting in line for a half an hour to talk to unhelpful financial aid people.

2004-01-12 18:32:30 ET

I'd sort of wish the people would melt too, considering all the screaming and and noise they were making.

2004-01-12 18:37:24 ET

the goo was taking care of that for me

2004-01-12 18:43:18 ET

ok, so the were smothered. good call :)

2004-01-12 19:05:06 ET

that happened to me once.

2004-01-12 19:15:56 ET

If only I had been blessed with that kind of Euphoria the first and only time I enjoyed shrooms. The most that happened was a buzz that made my head feel like jelly.

2004-01-12 20:07:28 ET

kelly, there's still that thing where you and i can get married... then we both could get more financial aid :D... i wonder if they would believe a long distance marrage ;)

good luck with the $tuff

2004-01-12 20:07:51 ET

You have to stay away from drugs for this kind of thing to happen

2004-01-12 20:40:10 ET

Bill getting married is not going to free me from talking to them. Thanks though. It was a lovely thought

2004-01-12 22:01:02 ET

financial aid people have a knack for getting everything to you too late. I seriously don't know how the schools function.

2004-01-12 22:02:41 ET

in a twitching manner I think.

2004-01-12 22:03:45 ET

sedated, too

2004-01-12 22:09:19 ET

definantly sedated.

2004-01-14 14:48:37 ET

Well, I no longer do ANY drugs. I don't even smoke cigarettes and the most I'll allow myself is 2 drinking nights per year. Last year I only had one.

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