Alot to do
2004-01-18 12:59:35 ET

My schedule for the next four months looks like this:
Monday: Dance 9-11 AM, Work 1130 to 7
Tuesday: School 9 am 4pm
Wednesday: Dance 9-11 AM, Work 1130 to 7
Thursday: School 9 am 4pm
Friday: Work 730 am 4pm (or six depending on a deadline)
Saturday: Work starting at some point in the morning and lasting at least 8 hours.
Sunday: Church
This time schedule is just set times of where I have to be somewhere. This does not include study time. I am going to be so busy.. I wish I could cut down on something but there is nothing to cut out.

And a quote to ponder :

"If you come from the culture that created and perpetuated 'C.H.I.P.S.,' then a certain amount of distance from that culture should be maintained. Keep to the fringes; it's safer, and it's better for your self image." --Ben Edlund

2004-01-18 14:14:08 ET

C.H.I.P.S. is an attempt to make the highway patrol seem nice and cool. haha.

2004-01-19 08:01:05 ET

CHIPS was created for bored house wives whose husbands couldn't do it for them in the bedroom. It was also an attempt, I think, to get housewives out of the house and pulling in speeding tickets. lol.

2004-01-20 22:44:19 ET

rivet--that makes sense about the housewives. I bet the queers like CHIPS too.

2004-01-21 20:53:32 ET

lol. I don't mean to stereotype...but that show is like 20 something years old. Back in the day, stereotypes were all we had. That's what gave birth to all the "life styles" that separate people into clicks. It works for marketing.

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