happy moments
2004-01-26 18:36:09 ET

I was sitting in the coffee shop that is my church’s foyer. In the midst of a discussion about the word “Religion” I noticed a familiar song. Tucked into the random Christian mix of background music that shifts from melodic hardcore to rap, was a happy little song by the Violent Femmes. I like my church.

2004-01-26 18:53:26 ET

you go to a very progressive church.

I won't even tell you about the music played at my friends church dance....

2004-01-26 18:58:02 ET

I am not sure about it being progressive. Most who attend are in their twenties and thirties. I think we are more about real belief and not so quick to judge others.

2004-01-26 19:02:49 ET


still, they're open to hardcore and rap, so that's really liberal compared to a lot.

2004-01-26 19:04:56 ET

I guess. I still think it has more to do with age. Not many of the old mothers protecting their innocents dwell amongst us.

2004-01-26 19:06:05 ET

is it a campus church? that'd explain a lot :P

2004-01-26 19:07:57 ET

nope. It is not connected to either campus in San Diego.

2004-01-26 19:37:22 ET

"Let this church, be PROGRESSIVE!" sorry, I'm a cheeseball.
Violent Femmes, what kind of music is that?

2004-01-26 19:40:14 ET


Um discription of violent femmes.... I can't do it.

2004-01-26 19:41:01 ET

that good eh?

Analog, can you describe them?

2004-01-26 19:43:33 ET

I haven't heard much of them either.

2004-01-26 19:48:14 ET

they are these three guys who play almost off sounding rock. one of thier most known songs is (Lyrics) : when I am walking I strut my stuff, man I am so strung out. High as a kite, I just might stop to check you out....

2004-01-26 21:31:52 ET

Hmmm ... I must investigate.

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