DIY kitchen tiling
2004-01-30 20:42:23 ET

A box was delivered to my house today. a happy unexpected present from friends. In this box was a video labeled DIY Kitchen tiling. It was about twenty minutes of random invader Zim References played out on unsuspecting people who know me. All were asked silly questions and then had to use a sentence using my name and the word "Moose." In the box as well was a little pink piggy and dove chocolate wrappers with the words "In Bed" added to the generic sayings written on them. It was indeed a happy unbirthday present.

2004-01-30 20:50:03 ET

*sings* a very merry unbirthday, to me? to you! a very merry unbirthday, i can't remember the rest... lol

2004-01-30 20:50:28 ET

Xaikalya is a jammin' Moose?

2004-01-30 20:52:18 ET

I accually got a sentance close to that. Accually they said Kelly (Cause that's my name) is nothing like a moose.
See. really close.

2004-01-30 20:54:30 ET

Oh yes. Four of the same words. That is quite close.

2004-01-30 20:56:45 ET

Since you gave me a sentence, you now must answer a question.

Who would be better at poker, Jesus or Mohammed? Why?

2004-01-30 20:58:25 ET

Jesus. He would probably cheat.

2004-01-30 21:01:19 ET

I think Mohammed. If Both Men are who they say they are, Jesus couldn't lie.

2004-01-30 21:02:13 ET

That's true. He couldn't. But if he is the son of god, I think the right cards would just sort of come to him.

2004-01-30 21:02:21 ET

the dove wrappers should have come with the chocolate, in bed.

2004-01-30 21:04:38 ET

Marks... I think it would be an interesting game to watch.

Analog... This is not the first time they have sent me candy I could not eat. Last time I got sent a ring pop that had been pulled out of the wrapper, licked and then rewrapped.

2004-01-30 21:08:09 ET

Likely so. I would have to think more on how this game would go whether divine birth could be beat by what Mohammed could be sporting.

2004-01-30 21:34:23 ET

my bet's on buddha

2004-01-30 22:47:01 ET

oh come on.. if he could rise from the dead, a game of poker should be a small feat indeed.

2004-01-31 05:04:34 ET

think about it: who'd have a better poker face? jesus couldn't lie!

2004-01-31 08:21:15 ET

But what if he didn't have to lie?!

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