2004-02-02 20:11:30 ET

Today I took pictures of people for costume research. English student and proffessors. Have you ever honestly asked someone what they think about when they get dressed in the morning? The people I talked to today think only about comfort and color. They all told me that they tended to dress in Dark Blues and Reds, Yet all were dressed anything but that.

2004-02-02 20:15:15 ET

I usually go for an all black shirt with a dashing layer of grey pants matched in equisite harmony with a pair of flat grey and black tennis shoes

yeah, my clothes are pretty plain:P

2004-02-02 20:17:57 ET

I usually dress according to what braces I'm wearing.

2004-02-02 20:18:22 ET

Do you focus more on comfort or particular style?

2004-02-02 20:19:07 ET

Um....all my clothes are comfortable yet stick to the basic style of "Skinhead".

I won't buy clothes unless they're comfortable.

2004-02-02 20:20:25 ET


2004-02-02 20:23:15 ET

I thought that I liked comfort above all but there are a few things in my wardrobe that fall under the catagory of "It looks so cool, yea it's a little difficult to lift my arm/sit"

2004-02-02 20:25:17 ET

guy clothes tend to be really easy to wear. I seriously wonder how women go through their day in micro-skirts and such.

2004-02-02 20:29:09 ET

I don't do micro-skirts. It's the bloody High heels I question myself about. I am 5'8", am I not tall enough?

2004-02-02 22:23:04 ET

You know how I dress : )

2004-02-02 23:39:23 ET

The Beast Master 2 Soundtrack goes through my head when I get dressed in the morning.

Sumthing Sumthing
Fight till I die cuz I love you that much.

Yeah. Waking up rules.

2004-02-03 14:32:13 ET

Andy: why is that we could pick out clothing for each other and yet there are still close family members who miss the mark every time?

Chris:Wow. Does your morning concert effect your dress? Or is it just a song about waking up?

2004-02-03 14:36:59 ET

Nah it's just what I think about when I get dressed in the morning.

2004-02-05 21:15:58 ET

When I get dressed in the morning I opt for comfort but I have to admit that attractiveness is also a plus. I won't lie. I like to feel good about myself. I'm just less interested in fashion these days.

2004-02-05 21:17:22 ET

I dress the way I do because I like how I look. I think I feel out of fashion a few years ago.

2004-02-05 21:38:13 ET

I take it back ... I like addidas stripes. Right down the arms. Stripes = Power.

2004-02-05 21:50:13 ET

Alrighty, then. :)

2004-02-07 10:48:07 ET

*beast master 2 soundtrack begins to play*

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