2004-02-08 21:55:19 ET

This evening I spent some time talking to a fifteen year old girl that goes to my church. She approached me for advice. She had started smoking pot again and she wanted to stop. I asked her why she started smoking pot. She told me that it was to numb the pain. She continued in explaining that she really didnít want to feel the way she felt, but the pot was not making things better. We wandered off the subject she approached me on and talked about the messed up circumstances which is her life. This girl is really impressive. She doesnít realize it but she has her act together. At one point she tells me that she use to be so goth and she had to have everything black. Until she realized what a poser she was and went shopping deciding to not care what she was and just wear what she liked. She has a lot of anger held against her different sets of parents and she is wanting just to let that go. As I said, she is so much more together than she thinks.

Oh and I played spoons tonight. It has been so amazingly forever since I played that game. I lost, but I didnít sustain any bruises.

2004-02-08 22:09:35 ET

I think the best you can do is remind her of what she already knows subconsciously and let her find out that she has the answers.

2004-02-08 22:12:45 ET

Yeah. I have agreed to be there for her to bounce Ideas off of.

2004-02-08 22:14:45 ET

WoW. She really does sound like an impressive little girl. Hopefully she doesn't succumb to what most people seem to fall to.

2004-02-08 22:19:04 ET

I'm sure she'll be fine, given her grip on the reality she's living and her perceptions of her habits.

2004-02-08 22:48:31 ET

If she came to her own conclusions on her self image, the rest will fall into place. Also, she has a really cool friend with purple hair now :)

2004-02-10 17:44:18 ET

So you go to church. What kind and why, if you don't mind my asking. :)

2004-02-10 20:22:16 ET

Chris : thanks

Rivet Angel: I don't mind you asking at all. I am not sure how to answer your questions though. I go to a Vineyard church. It's non denominational. So I am just plain christian. I go to church because due to certain events in my life I cannot deny the exsitence of God.

2004-02-10 20:45:52 ET

Ah. I see. :)

2004-02-10 20:47:03 ET


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