2004-02-14 20:28:11 ET

So the guests that were comming to stay with me who decided not to come, are going to arrive shortly. The house is clean and my roommate is singing Eminem songs in Lounge singer style. Yeah, today has been pretty random

2004-02-14 20:31:21 ET

Wait...you're in San Diego too?


2004-02-14 20:32:38 ET

Yeah. for all of about five and a half months now. ;)

2004-02-14 20:34:40 ET

I haven't been out too much lately, but I live outside of SD proper out in the "lovely" (hack!) land of Escondido. We should meet up simply due to the fact we're local. One day. Later on.

2004-02-14 20:35:05 ET

It frustrating when people change plans six times.

Anyways, have fun.

2004-02-14 20:36:15 ET

I wish I could have a slightly random day. For me, its work and then to a friends house.

2004-02-14 20:37:21 ET

It's only frustrating when it cause fights. My roommate and I were told different things from the same person. According to her they weren't comming. I was angry she didn't come home to help me clean. It's all better now.

2004-02-14 20:40:53 ET

Good endings are always very nice. Hope your Vday was unlike mine, happy and eventful

2004-02-14 20:41:27 ET

Why was your day sad and full of events?

2004-02-14 20:44:31 ET

I got stuck working with a bunch of people that have problems not touching me. Then I get off to find each and every last one of my friends had a date except Cory. So we got to drive around looking for stuff to do. Which ended in us each going home to do nothing...

2004-02-14 20:48:37 ET

Here is what I have to say about touching people.... DO NOT TOUCH ME. Dang I feel your pain.
Earlier today I was bridal gown hunting with my sister and mom. Nothing is more painful than haveing your mother ask repeatably... "So do you have any ideas for when you get married?"

2004-02-14 20:52:10 ET

hahahahaha unfortunately I do. Except my mom is more bent on the idea of kids. Whenever I get a girlfriend the subject about grandkids magically comes up... No children for me plz. marriage=horridly scary thing

2004-02-14 20:56:09 ET

My mother asked once if I were a lesbian when she observed I don't go out with too many [straight] guys. I think she was a little sad when I told her no. Otherwise she'd have an excuse for my pickiness/singleness.

Marriage IS evil.

2004-02-14 20:57:26 ET

My parents thought I was gay when I started painting my nails black. Strange old ppl I tell ya

2004-02-14 21:06:04 ET

I painted my friend Andy's nails copper. It caused alot of concern from him mom.

2004-02-14 21:07:08 ET

mmmm that sucks when that happens

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