2004-02-17 15:02:46 ET

If you want my help with anything, ask me. Do not tell your sob story with intentions of me offering to help you out of pity. If you call me and say "Hey Kell, my plans sort of fell through, do you suppose we could stay with you when we get to San Diego?"

I would reply "Of Course. All I got is a couch but you are more than welcome to it."

If you call me and all you say is "My grandfather is really ill so we can't stay with him. You think that there might be reasonable hotel prices?"

I will tell you "I am not sure but good luck" I will then hang up and be angry at you for the next few hours. I don't respond well to guilt trips. Family or not.

2004-02-17 15:14:28 ET

i HATE it when people do that, trying to put everything on you.
i know you will handle it very well.
-gut luck

2004-02-20 14:22:59 ET

I don't know that that was so much of a guilt trip as it was a hint. I don't care for hints as well, but they tend to bother me less than guilt trips do.

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