I only go to the beach at night
2004-03-08 09:13:54 ET

Last night we Lit my christmas tree on fire. *giggle*. (Don't ponder to long on the fact that I still had my christmas tree in March.) We brought alot steel wool to set on fire and swing around. We got some fun pictures of fire spraying out in all sorts of directions. I even managed to hit myself with one. Burned my armpit.
Ok so here are the most quoteable quotes from last nights adventure:
" I am sheilding myself from the heat of the fire with my ass."

" I know the color of blood on Beige."

" So when a cat circles on yor back, Sleeping is not the only possiblity of what is to come next."

" Did you hear the noise? Neither did I but I am willing to pretend."

And the final quote is one of the reasons I have become so twiterpated with my David.

Me: You would do that for me?
Him: I would do so much more than that for you.

2004-03-18 21:32:49 ET

Ahhhh the reckless fun of youth. :) I hope your armpit is alright.

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