Silly dreams
2004-03-30 22:27:31 ET

The nightmares had calmed down a bit. I haven't had one in a while, except for the last few days. I have had two about a good friend. These last two dreams scare me alot. As random as my nightmares tend to be, there is a certian normality to them I can't explain. These dreams I have had lately are nothing like what I have had before. From both dreams I woke up physically sick from what I had seen. I have only an email address for this person so I have written him hoping he will write back and tell me he's ok. i hope I can get back to sleep.

2004-03-31 11:56:12 ET

Some nightmares will leave me disturbed for days. The worst part is trying to figure out what they could mean.

2004-04-03 15:37:03 ET

Nightmares often reflect what has been worrying you, whether it be recent or so long ago that you don't remember it being a bother. For me some hot cocoa and talking to a favorite person before sleeping usually keeps nightmares at bay.

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