Am I in Hell?
2004-04-07 21:13:27 ET

I have two assignments due tomarrow. For one of the assignments, I cannot find the paper that tells me what I am suppose to do. For the other assignment, I can't find my copy of the play I have to write a scene chart for. It feels very scary weird that of all my school work, only that which is due tomarrow is missing.

2004-04-07 21:38:49 ET

you might not be in hell, but i think it's safe to say the man on the other side hates you. ;)

2004-04-07 21:51:20 ET

Oh goody, that means this all could get worse!

2004-04-07 22:02:57 ET


2004-04-07 22:42:22 ET

I'm sorry, it has been like that for me this week too.

HW that i thought was due Tomorrow was due tue, homework that is due tomorrow is worth %8 of my final grade. (meaning I should have spent more time on it, or at least finished it)

Can't wait for this week to be over with.

2004-04-07 22:44:26 ET

All in favor of ending this week early say "I".

2004-04-07 22:48:16 ET


2004-04-07 22:51:02 ET


2004-04-07 23:06:49 ET

Good majority's vote wins. Who do we send the memo to now?

2004-04-07 23:17:49 ET

We don't have to send it.

Section 123.53.64a.43b of the personal activities guide.

" simply stay in bed till Friday evening at which point you enjoy yourself having all homework assignments credited to you."

2004-04-12 08:21:00 ET

Funny how we trot along through life despising things we know we'll reflect on positively in the future. I made the mistake of signing up for a class I couldn't handle and then suffered the consequences with my self esteem when I had no choice but to drop it. Stick to it. I'm sure you have more conviction than I do. :)

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