2004-04-15 21:24:57 ET

Stuff with school and work and people have me running in circles and feeling depressed. Tonight talking to a woman whom I have alot of respect for, she prayed for me and then handed me a bottle of valerian (an herb that is really good for relaxation). So now I am going to do some pilates and stretch, drink some chai tea, and then take the valarian so I can sleep.

2004-04-15 21:26:03 ET

I hope you sleep well, too. And may tommorow be a better day.

2004-04-15 21:27:02 ET

yeah, school + work + people is one of the deadliest combinations known to man. i'm surprised more people aren't completely insane.

2004-04-15 21:28:34 ET

Thanks mark.

Ben- I am sure that I am insane.

2004-04-15 21:29:42 ET

not quite yet, dearest.

2004-04-17 19:49:49 ET

I hope you are feeling better soon. There's nothing worse than not getting on in life because you're depressed.

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