happy sounds
2004-04-19 13:31:05 ET

A new addition to the list of happy sounds:

The sound of the tube lid clinking shut over a finished light plot (drafted by hand thank you very much!)

2004-04-19 16:53:13 ET

No matter how many times I read that....it makes no sense,...you could've said;


....and it'd still make the same amount of....actually....I kinda understand what I just said....hmmmmm.....

2004-04-20 18:28:46 ET

I had to hand draft a lighting plot... This is: a ground view and a side section view of the theatre with the set and where the light instruments would be hung. Both plots had to be drawn in 1/2 inch scale. Not entirely easy. These plans are usually stored in tubes so that one may roll up the 3' by 5' plan and transport it without mangeling it.
The happy sound is the clinking noise made as I snap the lid on the finished plot.

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