in the midst of finals
2004-04-26 21:28:51 ET

I ditched school work this weekend and did lots of cool stuff.
I saw a double feature at a drive in movie. Never been to a drive in movie before. It was lots of fun to sit in the hatchback surrounded by pillows & microwave popcorn.

I saw Billy Crystal in a improvish storytelling of his life. Freaking amazing. I want to be taken to my first movie by Billie Holiday. He is a good actor, really funny, You don't get to see that in stupid award shows.

I met my Boyfriend's entire family. He is the youngest of five children. Lots of questions, and silly small talk. I found out that he talks about me alot. I am thinking that's a good thing.

And part of a converstion from a dinner on sunday that I find funny:

Brian- "It tastes funny. They are trying to poison me"
Tracy- "With cinnimon. That may take a while."

2004-04-26 21:35:22 ET

I've never been to a drive in movie. The idea of it sounds fun. How's the sound quality?

2004-04-26 21:36:30 ET

It depends on the sound quality of the radio you brought along. We used the car stereo. Not bad.

2004-04-26 21:38:26 ET

Ah, I see. That's pretty cool. It makes me think of dead car batteries though :P

2004-04-26 21:41:13 ET

We turned the car on through the previews. Turned the car off. Turned it back on between movies. And back on agian after it was all over. We didn't die

2004-04-26 21:50:10 ET

i need to go to a drive-in sometime, too. of course, preferably with a lady. that'd be nice.

and yes, billy crystal is hilarious. but trying to fit his wit into an awards show that is paper-thin on substance is nearly an impossible task.

oh, and ... awwwwwwww!!!

2004-04-26 21:52:14 ET

Stop it. I am blushing.

2004-04-26 21:52:34 ET


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