adventures in art
2004-05-05 21:59:15 ET

I finished my costume design for "Dracula". I colored the renderings with pastels. Never used pastels before, they turned out suprisingly well. I commented this to my boy. He says in a very matter of fact tone. "Yeah pastels are really easy, I can get a portrait done with them in like an hour."
Thanks honey, for making me feel like I accually acomplished something. Grrr

2004-05-05 22:18:19 ET

HI ; )

I'm still reading even if I'm not commenting

2004-05-05 22:51:46 ET

I sure do miss you.

2004-05-05 22:53:33 ET

Miss ya too

2004-05-05 22:54:13 ET

hows school?

2004-05-05 23:02:46 ET

Busy, real Busy. I'll be soo happy when it is over. I want more out of my Life.

How is it for you?

2004-05-05 23:03:58 ET

I am counting the days. Tomarrow I have two finals and then Tuesday is my last final!

2004-05-05 23:05:25 ET

I vote for crayons next time, just for the challenge.

2004-05-05 23:07:46 ET

*scratches head* Crayons? ok. anything has got to be better than watercolor. (at which I suck)

2004-05-05 23:11:16 ET

The Dracula production sounds rad. I'd go to see Dracula if I was in the area.

2004-05-05 23:18:51 ET

The design I am doing is a project for my costume class. We aren't accually putting on the play. Of this I am glad because the script we are using for the project is so bad it makes my eye twitch when I have to refer back to it.

2004-05-05 23:30:21 ET

I've got about 35 days left : (

2004-05-05 23:32:14 ET

*searches through bag to find cheers to help Andy make it through*

2004-05-05 23:41:11 ET

Too Much Homework ; (

2004-05-06 01:53:38 ET

me too. all of my finals are huge presentations of projects that require time like I have nothing other than that to focus on.

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