As told to me by a pair of shoes
2004-05-08 07:31:36 ET

My first pair of docs was at age 16. I just turned 26, Doc Martens are still the only shoes I wear. I decided maybe it was time to buy a different pair of shoes. For my Birthday my mom came down to take me shopping. I learned something about myself during this adventure. I am not good with change. Buying shoes that were not docs was really hard. I was kinda disapointed in learning this about myself. But I guess what was importiant is that I bought the shoes.
In thinking about my unfriendliness toward change I think that is were my fear of commitment comes from. It's fear of embrasing something that will change things forever.
I have decided to not be so change phobic. yesterday I bought some new shoes, tomarrow... I don't know. It's a silly rant.

2004-05-08 07:36:14 ET

I can understand that rant completely.. I wore Doc's and Doc's alone right up until I was 25, and the last pair literally fell apart.

2004-05-08 07:39:53 ET

I have a pair with holes in it that I have had to tape back together. I use them as my work shoes.

2004-05-08 07:40:31 ET

duct tape?

2004-05-08 07:41:38 ET

no I am a theatre geek. I used gaffer tape.

2004-05-08 07:42:06 ET

Works just as well. ;)

2004-05-08 07:45:48 ET

*giggles* gaff is what hold the universe together. at least it hold my universe together.

2004-05-08 07:54:08 ET

I remember the days when I was a theatre geek. *chuckle*

2004-05-08 08:31:37 ET

I only wear boots......I have yet had the privileage to afford a pair of mostly it's been military boots....I've been wearing boots since I was 8 or 9,'s been 12 years of only wearing boots and having sneakers only for gyms or for when I'm walking across the street.....

2004-05-08 09:07:31 ET

I used to only wear boots.. but then I developed a penchant for sandals and 'girlie' shoes.
I still have my knee-high bitch boots, but those are for special occasions. ;)

2004-05-08 13:34:04 ET

sneakers are the greatest all purpose shoes, ever.

2004-05-08 13:51:13 ET

Boots are the greatest all can't stomp heads without boots...

2004-05-09 13:31:48 ET

I agree with Kilted. Boots are best. Yet now I have a pair of converse as well.

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