Make it stop!
2004-05-18 14:46:09 ET

What really sucks about calling in sick to work is that you are really sick and you can't enjoy the time off because you just want to die.

2004-05-18 14:48:30 ET

Tea, movies, bed, medicine, and don't stop till you feel better.

2004-05-18 14:55:00 ET

And use kitty cat therapy.

2004-05-18 15:03:05 ET

Tea and movies have been applied, I don't have a kitty cat. Do turtles work?

2004-05-18 15:05:31 ET

If they are good cuddlin', for sure they will :)

2004-05-18 15:06:28 ET

Turtles aren't much to cuddle, but they sure are cute.

Down comforter!
Feather Pillows!

And most important, someone to cuddle up to. When available, an excellent distraction.

2004-05-18 15:08:06 ET

no. Turtles don't like to be cuddled. :/

2004-05-18 15:08:57 ET

Got a stuffed animal?

2004-05-18 15:09:48 ET

If I wasn't contageous... The boyfriend would be excellent for cuddly therepy. I however would not wish this flu thing on someone I hate.

2004-05-18 15:10:29 ET

Looks like I am stuck with my pillow.

2004-05-18 15:12:47 ET

Been there. At least you have SK Ne? Also, my friend Syb got me going on raw honey for sore throats. My sick drink is now hot tea with raw honey. Yummy. My mom would have added Vinegar and Lemon.

2004-05-18 15:16:44 ET

Yes raw honey is good for throats. Sprite and saltines, at the moment, is trying to settle my stomache.

2004-05-18 15:28:58 ET

TV will make you sicker. Beware.

2004-05-18 18:43:59 ET

Get better Soon : )

2004-05-19 21:55:42 ET

Feel better, sweetie. If I could bring you soup I would. :)

2004-05-19 22:14:08 ET

Thankyou all for the good wishes. I am feeling better

2004-05-19 23:51:02 ET

Huzzah! Positive energy to the rescue!

2004-05-20 11:16:57 ET

Yay! It worked. lol.

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