2004-05-19 22:32:43 ET

Paint fumes suck. I am sure this goes without saying. I felt almost like I had a total relapse when I finally left work. I was tired and achey, and very sick to my stomache.
Upon entering my house I was greeted not by the man fixing my back door (Whom I expected when I heard noise in the kitchen) But by my David who was in the process of making me dinner. This one ceases to amaze me. I admit that I am somewhat scarred by the past morons I have allowed to mangle my life with their bagagge making me feel as if I were the inadequate one when I failed.
It's been three months scince our first date and I keep thinking I will wake up to find him some beautiful dream I cannot have. Yet I open my eyes to find some new trinket he's made me out of wire or newspaper.
I had places to be and things to do all jumbled in my head mixed with the paint fumes and leftover illness. All of that melts away the moment I see his mischevious grin.

2004-05-19 22:45:01 ET

I like him so far. You can keep him for now, I'll make my final assessment when I get to meet him ; )

2004-05-19 22:48:24 ET

Ok. Deal... Hey you wouldn't be comming to tahoe in June perhaps?

2004-05-20 05:53:11 ET

June 17 through the 23 I'll be there.

2004-05-20 06:27:20 ET

I will be there with above mentioned party during the 10th through the 13th... dang. You should come earlier. It wouldn't be a tahoe renn fair without you!

2004-05-20 10:26:18 ET

It's really awesome to have someone that does stuff like that for you. I'd say give him the benefit of the doubt.. I mean, just cause lots of people have hurt you and been asses doesn't mean he will. The guy sounds like a sweetheart.

2004-05-20 11:48:27 ET

I'll agree. He sounds like a very adjusted individual and he cooks for you. A man cooking for a woman says a lot about how he feels. Insight into a soul is through the stomach, I say. :) lol. Let me know for sure whether you'll be attending Renaissance Faire or not this year. Or did we plan for next year? There are 2 more weekends left. Not this weekend but next weekend is the last weekend and it's 3 days long for Memorial day.
Kage: You're invited, too. Let me know when if you can and I'll make sure you get a discount. :)

2004-05-20 11:57:45 ET

I like to cook when I can, but my ex always preffered to go out to eat. Not cause I'm a bad cook but cause she didn't want to wait while I cooked the food. LOL Lazy.

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