waving goodbye
2004-05-23 16:13:18 ET

In odd turn of events I got two phone calls this week that put closure to situations I had tried to end months ago.

1. From the person I had been dating before David. He called me to give me his new cell phone number and to tell me he has started seeing someone. We talked for about forty five minutes, sharing our fears about the relationships were are in and telling each other it was all going to work out. He and I met in high school and he had become one of my good friends before we started dating. That phone call made me feel like I got my friend back.

2. From another friend who confessed to me he didn’t want to just be friends. He was very angry when I started seeing David. He called to tell me about the new girl he’s met and how happy he is. At the end of the conversation he said “everything worked out good for both of us, huh?” Now that I know he’ll start talking to me again, I know I won’t see him because he’ll be so wrapped up in his Kelly (Ironically she has the same name as me).

Both of these people hurt me a lot with their selfishness. In both situations I had to choose between my emotional health or their wishes. I chose me. Not something easy for me to do. Now months later they have found happiness in someone else and both have called to apologize to me.
I feel so free. *sigh*

2004-05-23 20:30:31 ET

Good Job! : )

it makes me feel good to hear this.

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