Am I cursed?
2004-05-31 08:37:43 ET

In the last week:

..I locked my keys and my phone in my car at a gas station at one am.
..The battery in my car died Two days later and I was stuck on the side of the road until four thirty in the morning. I missed most of work the next day because I had to replace the battery and one of the terminals. Then I misplaceed my keys and spent a half hour looking for them.
..I have put my self back on my hypoglycemic diet and have been really good about only eating what I can, and when I suppose to. I still "crashed" twice.
.. The dimmer rack for the show I was working on caught on fire last night making it necessary for me to go into the theatre today to fix things. Instead of going to the rennisance faire I had been looking forward to all month. Seeing as this was my only day off since may 14th and I won't get another day off until I leave for my trip to tahoe on June.

my current mood is homicidal... I need Ice cream.

2004-05-31 09:36:40 ET

ack, good luck and stay safe.

2004-05-31 19:13:28 ET

*got your message and missed you wholeheartedly* I hope things get better, sweetie.

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