2004-06-22 19:31:24 ET

work is definantly an exercise in futility. Thoes who run the place that pays me to toil for eight hours a day are short sighted morons.. Enough about them.

I give my turtles away tomarrow. {insert sad music here} I need a new place to live. one that is not so expensive and will let me have a pet.

2004-06-22 19:43:23 ET

Awe. I love turtles. They're darling little creatures. I had a box turtle once and he loved to run around in the flower bed in my back yard until my cocker spaniel turned him into a flip toy.

2004-06-23 08:52:39 ET

I had a turtle when I was a child as well, it was a snapping turtle, I remember my brothers would enjoy holding things out for him to snap at, I got bit once by him and didn't really bother him after that.. He was cute though, I forget what his name was.

2004-06-23 13:39:10 ET

Keeeeewl new page layout. Neat! I like it bunches!

2004-06-23 18:25:16 ET

My turtles were named James and Jerold. They are aquatic turtles. one bit my neice when she was torturing it. She doesn't play with them any more either. LOL

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