on this saturday morning.
2004-06-26 09:28:37 ET

I still have two months until my sister's wedding and the blonde hair is starting to be painful. I want to dye it bright orange red. But alas, I love my sister so I am letting the purple fade away into the color God gave me so I look like every other pink clad bridesmaid. Everywhere I go people comment on the fact that I look good as a blonde. I bite back the sarcastic responces that trip over themselves to be spoken. I was accually told by someone I work with "If you changed all your hair back to blonde and tanned a little you would be really pretty." Please tell me how one is suppose to respond to that. I fought the urge of beating him senceless.
I am currently looking for a part time job. Some extra work while I am not in school to help me get on top of bills for a while. And I have two months until my lease is up. So I am also keeping an eye out for another place to live. I would love a studio apartment where I could live by myself. I could live with roomates, Just not the one I currently have. Fret not, the feeling is mutual. She hates sharing a house. That is our problem. So if the world goes according to what I'd like, I will have a better paying job, a new place to live, And reddish/Orangish hair by the end of August.

2004-06-26 10:08:13 ET

Not entirely sure how to tell you to respond to that. It's their opinion. Maybe you WOULD be really pretty that way?

2004-06-26 13:37:22 ET

a bad flatmate is HELL.

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