pretty words
2004-07-07 07:33:39 ET

I found an old journal and I was flipping through it to figure out when it was written. Why is it that the best pictures I create with words are born out of pain? The happiness Was just as real an emotion yet the account is little better than an eight year old's account of a day at the park.

2004-07-07 07:39:29 ET

When you're sad or upset you "Brood", when you're happy, you're too busy being happy to bother with brooding and distilling your words to make them "pretty".

There are a lot of memories I wish I'd journaled, but they were just too good to not be enjoying long enough to write down ^_^

2004-07-07 07:42:12 ET

you are right. But I want to change that. I want to look back and know exactly what I was thinking in all moments, not just the ones I wanted to lock myself away in.

2004-07-07 07:45:11 ET

Having a daily Blog or something similar which you can drop a note in from anywhere with net access would probably help.. other than that, I guess just try to concentrate in spite of the glee in the happy times ^_^

2004-07-08 07:44:16 ET

Hi, thanks for the welcome and the SK pitch. :)

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