2004-07-12 10:43:05 ET

I really enjoyed the last weekend. Rivet angel spent a lot of time talking and sharing bits and pieces of the past. Itís fun to debate things with people who do not take things personally. Itís nice to meet new people who are comfortable with themselves. So much of Southern Cal is covered in a need to impress everyone around that you end up meeting silly people who think the have something to prove.
And last night I stayed up till two thirty playing Mario Kart.. That was fun too.

I have decided to start designing clothing again. It was something I did as a silly waste my time, rebel against the fashion industry, because I own a sewing machine thing. I have realized in the last few days that I really miss the majority of my clothing being my own. I hate shopping but I can spend hours in fabric stores. I can never decide what looks better on me in the indiscernible light of the dressing room mirror, yet it only takes me a couple of hours to transform material or a garment that isnít perfect into something I really like. And with the addition of two dresses that I am creating for friends, I think it is time to start again.

Today I have an appointment at three for the trying on of copious amounts of wedding dresses before the design of my friendís dress is final. That gives me a little over a month to make a wedding dress. *eye bugg out in fear that she does not make it on time *

Sam Shepard wrote a play called ďA lie of the Mind.Ē When it opened for the first time a live blue grass band played on stage during the show. The above sentence pertains to me because SDSU is putting on a production of above mentioned play and I am the sound designer for it. I am up to my armpits in blue grass music. I know more about the history and creation of bluegrass, itís offshoots and the big names of the music style, than I think I know about the music I actually like to listen to.

I think that an argument over me getting a dog is perhaps a sign that my relationship with David is becoming very serious.

2004-07-12 10:57:18 ET

cool that you're into sewing. I'm always impressed when people made stuff instead of buying it.

2004-07-12 10:59:59 ET

Here's to making your own clothes!


2004-07-12 15:49:37 ET

make me a cool shirt-type thing. with no words or images on it. and if it can pass for business casual, i will wear it proudly to work. it seems most of my clothes are not actually within the dress code at work...

and yes, debates with people who don't over-react is always much more fun (and informative) than having them with people who are heavily biased.

2004-07-12 22:11:28 ET

You and David can't get serious yet, he doesn't have my approval yet : )

I could use you and your sewing machine about now. Starting next week we have 180 sheets to sew.

2004-07-13 08:06:06 ET

Andy: you owe me a visit. & 180 sheets of what?

2004-07-13 13:48:36 ET

180 bed sheets for the dome.

I know I need to visit.

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