2004-07-14 09:52:00 ET

I have head a headache for three days.
I have done all the things I am suppose to. I sleep more, I have not eaten anything with sugar in it, I have had my full quota of water and I am still eating excedrin like candy.

Usually when I have migranes they last for three days tops. This headache feels like it's been on the verge of becoming a migrane for three days and now it's getting worse.
I think something in my neck may be out of alignment.

2004-07-14 09:56:37 ET

It might also be a nerve that's pinched between two bones, for instance in your back or neck. Also might be a wisdom tooth hidden in your gums somewhere that didn't come in right.

Just a couple thoughts. I hope you feel better soon Xai!

2004-07-14 10:00:10 ET

the nerve is possible.
All of my wisdom teeth were removed when I was 16

2004-07-14 15:22:25 ET

Even an inexperienced massage will help. Just a gentle rub all over the back of the neck and shoulders. Then a very soft and sensual touch to the temples. On top of an asprin.

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