so much to do
2004-07-16 21:58:05 ET

Tomarrow I have a bridal shower to attend. my sister's bridal shower. I hope it goes well. I am suppose to spend the night and then attend a second shower hosted by the ladies at her church . Two days of girlyness... Will I survive?

Sunday night I return home, do some laundry and head out to pine valley. I am going to be staff for a christian teen camp. I get to be the fun staff, one of the ones who get to make up the games and give out points and be silly and crazy all week. Yep I said all week.

I come home late friday night because my love has a suprise for saturday. I don't know what he's got up his sleeve, he won't tell me.

In other news: I have just tried on the half finished bodice on the Bride and it fits splendidly. So far I am able to make the adjustments to the patterns without any complications.

2004-07-16 21:59:18 ET

I wish you luck in all efforts to survive the girliness.

2004-07-16 22:01:01 ET

thank you. I plan to attend armed with sarcastic comments and a refusal to say "ahhhh" to anything.

2004-07-16 22:01:45 ET

just nod your head if people talk about food and pets too much. that's always my biggest fear.

2004-07-16 22:04:52 ET

I will wish they were talking about food and pets. Endless inquiries of my own love life and statements of adoration of my darling sister. That is what I must smile and nod at.

2004-07-17 12:00:51 ET

i always feared the "let's play barbie doll with the tomboy" bit...they always get to that eventually*shudder*

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