my last week
2004-07-27 06:08:33 ET

On the subject of Sex: Growing up in church you are continually fed the notion that sex is bad. Donít think about it, donít talk about it, and never ever mention the word around your parents. My sisterís shower last week was strange. My sister my mother and I, talked as my sister went through the lingerie she had gotten as presents. Hearing my mother say things like ďDonít worry if itís too tight, it wonít be on longĒ was kinda Twilight Zoneish.

On the subject of Camp: For five and a half days I was Recreation Staff for a teen camp in Pine Valley. I never got any more than four hours of sleep at night. The program this year, due to some last minute changes in administration, was incredibly unorganized. This situation left us trying to pull all the pieces together at the last minute every second of the day. Yet despite the frustration and sleep deprivation, the week was amazing. They were 325 of your typical church kids that ran around. The squealing high maintenance girls that screamed every time we got them with the water balloons, The Jr. High Boys who showed abandon of all reason as four tackled me to rub oatmeal in my hair. The one girl who had cancer and unashamed, bore her bare head with a smile. The pain this girl was in was tremendous. Yet she involved herself in every game and I never saw her cry or feel sorry for herself. I am grateful for the chance I was given to meet these kids. One of the girls cried when I told her goodbye. She thanked me for talking to her. All I did was spend about twenty minutes of free time sitting at a table talking to her about useless things. What made a world of difference to them is that someone said hello to them. Thst is very humbling to think about. It makes me want to make the effort to involve myself more in peopleís lives. To loose my self centeredness and show someone that there is otherís willing to listen. There are always the few that you want to keep. There is that ugly situation at home and you donít want to send them back. I have a list of names, attached to faces and silly memories. They want me to come back next year. They wanted me to do rec staff for a camp in a couple of weeks. If I could do this as full time work I would.

2004-07-27 07:36:28 ET

it is great to spend time with people who's lives you can make even a small differance in, especially the ones that need it the most.

and very, very few people feel comfortable talking to their parents about sex...i have 2 kids and i still like to believe that my parents think i found them under a bush somewhere.....if my mom ever made a comment like that i think i just might die...

2004-07-27 08:36:52 ET

I've had to accept the fact that my parents had sex at least once in their live. The rest is shrowded in secrecy from their one and only child.

2004-07-27 08:37:59 ET

Wow.. just wow..

That sounds like a memory you'll be holding on to for a long time. If you have a journal, journal all the details now.

'angel and I are both very serious about wanting to make a difference in the world and the lives of others. Right now my latest and greatest direction in that area of my life is trying to find a way to help promote the study of genetics, in particular stem cell research, to create cures to heretofor uncureable diseases and ailments.

In regards to growing up in a Christian home.. I know exactly what you mean. The word "Sex" didn't get spoken in my house until one day when my sister got pissed off at my mom for skipping every romantic scene in the movies we watched, she was screaming "PEOPLE HAVE SEX MOM!! That's REAL life!" and other such things.

While I agree with Autumn that most families don't talk about it, I know some that are very open and freely discuss it at family gatherings.

I don't agree with either extreme. Don't traumatize your twelve year old by recounting your sexual exploits with them, but don't pretend that sex doesn't exist either.

Anyway, I'm glad you had such a great experience.

2004-07-27 09:11:57 ET

I commend you for volunteering your time like that. I've been looking into volunteer programs for a while now and can't find one that isn't filing or typing. Working with people is a goal of mine but not being religious is bearing down on my ability to work with them.

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