can I be so oblivious?
2004-07-31 22:54:07 ET

Tonight I was taken to dinner at a really nice resturant. Halfway through dinner my love takes my hand and tells me he wanted to tell me something he had hoped I'd figure out. "I am KFPuppet"

For about a month my boyfriend has been on SK playing games and making references about me trying to see if I would realize it was him.

I had looked at his page once to wish him welcome to SK.

I think It is wonderful that the man I am truely falling in love with, Does things to mess with me.

2004-08-02 10:49:36 ET

*giggles* He told me as soon as he got his account. I'm glad you thought it was neat and in good fun. It was very difficult for me not to let the cat out of the bag because he asked me not to. ^_^

2004-08-02 14:57:52 ET

I think it's hilarious but I would have never pinned Kfpuppet on him because the first picture of me was way too vauge, and this cat thing he's got going is something out of left feild. I thought he was not fond of cats.

2004-08-03 08:41:03 ET

Men are bizarre. Just when you think you know them they hit a homer into left field. ^_^

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