where all my time is spent
2004-08-10 05:42:31 ET

The time is counting down. I have until the 18th of August to finish the dress. Making my own patterns and piecing together other patterns have reduced me to evenings of “oh crap that didn’t work….” These evenings have been spent at Dave’s house. With his parents in the Philippines and his house being really big, it has been the better location for my creative process than my tiny duplex. (Which I am not moving out of, by the way. Sara and I have come to an agreement. Mostly we agree that one bedroom and studios are really expensive. Staying here will allow us to keep paying cheaper rent, and it’s a good neighborhood for Sara’s daughter. )
Back to the dress… The most trouble I have had is in the bodice. I just can’t seem to make it small enough and I have lost count how many times I have sewn in and ripped out the zipper just to sew it back in again. The orange godets look good, I will have eight instead of six. Placement problem is to blame for that but the skirt will be really full and that’s what she wanted. As long as the brides happy, I‘ll be happy. I had a fitting with her and her mother just a couple of days ago. I hadn’t met her mom before, the meeting was very intimidating. She and her husband are pastors of a Calvry Chapel in San Diego. When I greeted them upon arrival I saw her blink a few times in response to what I look like. And my hair isn’t even purple anymore. She seemed to get over my appearance quick enough to pay attention to how the skirt and bodice were fitting. I will start sewing the overskirt tonight. I hope to get pictures of it soon. This dress is going in my portfolio.
My mom warned me at the start of the dress that I would never make as much money as the time I put into it. I realize the truth in this but I think that if all I did was sew, I would be a lot quicker and I would have had more concentrated hours to get things done, instead of a few hours here and few hours there.

So this dress is the reason I have not posted a lot lately. As I said, I will try to get pictures.

2004-08-10 06:47:18 ET

First off, Oh! Now I know where you've been putting your spare time! Thus the comment that the boy made. lol.
Second--I have never personally seen your work but I have confidence in it's beauty...if you do this for a living some day or whatever--those dresses would be worth more than a thousand each. I know this because working at Faire I know what a custom dress is worth. And that thousand dollars does not include materials. So poo on your mom! (not really) But seriously--3 dresses a month puts you at middle class. Not bad if I do say. AND you already know you could patent and market your own patterns and designs. I have faith in you Kelly!

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